“Churches do not have a curriculum, they are the curriculum.” –Maria Harris

The church, as a body of believers, gives form to faith in multiple ways. In her book, Fashion Me A People: Curriculum in the Church, the late Maria Harris describes faith shaping as the “interplay” of five ecclesial (church) forms.

Sermon on the Sidewalk looks to all five forms (leiturgia, kergyma, koinonia, diakonia, didache) as opportunities for children, youth, and families to experience, identity with, and mature in God’s love.

Just imagine if we collaborated with one another to integrate all ages into the gathering, growing, and giving of our congregations with a whole church curriculum of:

  • Koinonia (community and communion)
  • Leiturgia (prayer, liturgy, and worship)
  • Kerygma (preaching and proclaiming)
  • Diakonia (service and outreach)
  • Didache (teaching and learning)